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Project Widgets is a full service Microsoft Project consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations achieve excellence in their project management and resource management practices. Following our proven methodology, we will evaluate your current processes, and help you refine and enhance the way your organization runs projects and manages limited resources.

As experts in Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management (EPM) suite of products, we can assist your organization with the implementation of Microsoft Project, and help you leverage the vast power of this toolset by integrating your organization’s methodology and business processes into the way you utilize the application.

In our presentation, we will provide a demo of several of our Microsoft Project widgets, including:


SnapIt! enables an organization to create “snapshots” of key project and task information in a centralized, easy to use application.

SnapIt! allows you to create a “snapshot” of important project information, such as key milestone dates and cost data. Similar in concept to saving a baseline for your project, SnapIt! offers many advantages.


Project Initiation Widget

The Project Initiation Widget automates the creation of a new project, allowing users to create projects in an easy, consistent manner.

The Project Initiation Widget leverages existing project templates, enforces a standard project naming convention, and ensures project metadata has been entered correctly.


Status Report Widget

The Status Report Widget automatically creates a status report in Microsoft Word at the click of a button.

The Status Report Widget will automatically create a status report in Microsoft Word using the data from your Microsoft Project schedule and related SharePoint team site. With the Status Report Widget, there is no need to tediously re-key the data from your project into your status report.




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