Barbecana-logo-transparencyPNGBarbecana is the developer of Full Monte, a cost and schedule risk analysis tool for Microsoft Project. Using Monte Carlo simulation, it estimates the probability of completing the project by a particular date and at a particular cost. Results are presented in terms of histograms and s-curves, in addition to user-definable tabular reports and bar charts.



Critical Tools 

Critical Tools Blue LogoCritical Tools makes and distributes the WBS Schedule Pro project planning software. WBS Schedule Pro combines Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Charts, Network Charts, Gantt Charts, Task Sheets plus numerous additional features to produce a feature-rich yet easy-to-use tool to plan and manage any project. WBS Schedule Pro can be used by itself as a standalone project planning tool or it can be used with Microsoft Project.


KIDASA Software, Inc

kidasaKIDASA Software, Inc. provides easy-to-use Project Management software. KIDASA’s products include Milestones Professional, Milestones Simplicity, and Milestones Project Companion. KIDASA’s products are used by a wide variety customer base, including Aerospace, Government, military, Pharmaceutical, oil industry, educational, and others.


Project Widgets

pw2Project Widgets is a full service Microsoft Project consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations achieve excellence in their project management and resource management practices. Following our proven methodology, we will evaluate your current processes, and help you refine and enhance the way your organization runs projects and manages limited resources.