MPUG is continually on the hunt for add-on products that will accelerate your work with Microsoft Project, SharePoint, and related applications. Sensei IQ is a tool that utilizes Microsoft technology and modern work trends to help organizations plan, collaborate, communicate, and deliver projects efficiently, with the goal of helping executives gain visibility and enabling users to be more productive on their tasks.

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Project Portfolio Management Solution

Collaborative Work Management

Portfolio, Program, and Project Leadership

Business Insights and Decision Support

Learn how Chemence Medical uses Microsoft’s Platform for PPM to bring products to market on time, gain a single source of truth and automate reporting.

Personal Productivity

Provide visibility into all work for teams and individuals in the organization; across tools and systems. Prioritize work and improve productivity.

Strategic Planning & Benefits Realization

Prioritize projects and align investments with organizational strategy to optimize outcomes and realize benefits.

Business Insights and Decision Support

Monitor work and exceptions across portfolios, programs and projects. Track investment alignment and performance.

Sensei IQ Product


Save time by staying on top of your growing task list

View and track action tasks across all projects in the organization.

View and action personal To-do’s, tasks and action items across personal productivity tools.

Work on issues, risks, change requests, decisions, lessons learned and deliverables.


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Designed around your needs and a modern way of working, Sensei IQ is built upon the

Power of the Microsoft Cloud

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