The Resume Fields in Project 2010 and 2013.

Imagine this situation: you have a task with one resource, and duration is 5 days. The task is on track, and it is 50% completed. Suddenly, your resource get sick, and will be able to continue with work after few days. What do you have to do? You can Split Task , or you can use the Resume Field. I’ll show how to do this in PROJECT 2013, but you can also do this in Project 2010.

First I’m going to create a new Project with 1 Task:


Next, I’m going to create one Resource:


Finally, I’m going to assign the Resource to the task:


I will now add %Completed, and Resume fields in the Gantt Chart View:


As you can see, the Resume Field is N/A, and that is because there is no progress on that task yet.

I will now mark a task as 40% completed:


The Resume Field is now Wednesday, May 5th. Task is 40% completed, meaning that he worked Monday and Tuesday (16 hours out of the 40 total hours).

Now suppose that Resource get sick, and he or she will be back at Monday, May 12th. I will put this date in Resume Field, and I’ll get:


As you can see the Finish Date is Wednesday, May 14th and the Task has a Split!

It is very easy, and very, very visible!



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Written by Nenad Trajkovski
MVP - Project Nenad Trajkovski was born in Zagreb in 1963. year. After completion of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Nenad has started on the development and implementation of enterprise systems (ERP) in companies of various areas (banks, card houses, production companies, auto industry, wholesale businesses, oil companies, and others). He has extensive experience in working with business processes, people and knowledge in information technology and financial accounting activities. Currently, Nenad works as a consultant for the implementation of business systems, and as Project Manager. He is trainer for Project Management and Risk Management in Microsoft Innovation Center in Varaždin. At WinDays08 conference he has been declared as the best speaker, and his session as the best one. He was among TOP 10 speakers in the Microsoft Sinergija 2009 and at the Microsoft Vzija 2009. Shared first place as the best lecturer at KulenDays 2009 and the PMI Forum 2009 in Zagreb. Regular speaker at the Microsoft Community. On WinDays10 conference Nenad was among the top three speakers; at the conference Microsoft Vision 9 in Skopje between the top 5 speakers as well as on Microsoft Synergy 11 which was held in Belgrade. Certified Accountant, PMP (Project Manager Professional), PMI – RMP (Risk Manager Professional), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCTS – Microsoft Project 2010 (Microsoft Certified Technical Professional).  and MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer).
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  1. Thanks for this mini-tutorial. I’ve used the Resume and Start fields to show how our projects stop when we get pulled off to do other things but I’ve struggled with it; this makes sense and it will be easier going forward.
    Thanks again,

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