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Sensei Releases Schedule Analyzer for Microsoft Project 2016

Sensei_Schedule_Analyzer_figure_1Project managers have a new way to assess the quality of their Microsoft Project 2016 schedules. Sensei Project Solutions recently released Sensei Schedule Analyzer, an add-in for Project 2016 and Project Pro for Office 365.

The application performs schedule checking in four areas: work breakdown structure (WBS), resources, schedule and links. The assessments compare the Project schedule against industry standards and best practices, including the Project Management Institute’s Practice Standards for WBS and Scheduling and Sensei’s own “Proactive Scheduling” principles.

The software assesses schedule quality at three levels:

  • An “issue” is an aspect of the project with a potential high impact that if ignored could produce an inaccurate forecast or affect the ability of the project team to maintain the schedule and track progress;
  • A “warning” flags something in the project that could also affect its accuracy;
  • A “message” alerts the user about something within the schedule that could be improved upon to help bring it into alignment with industry standards.

The company explained that an alert or “check” can be ignored if it’s not relevant to the organization’s standards or it can be bypassed on individual tasks where they don’t apply.

A dashboard displays a “compliance score,” which measures the overall quality of the project schedule, based on the count of issues. The user can also incorporate warnings and messages into that score with a setting in the program. The dashboard includes reporting on “top issues” and “top non-compliant tasks,” and reports can be exported as PDF documents.

According to the company, the software can also automatically fix certain problems.

“This new flagship app gives organizations a ‘quantifiable means of measuring the quality of project schedules,’ which was one of the key goals behind the Practice Standard for Scheduling from PMI,” said CEO Kenneth Steiness in a press release. “The ability to have shared scheduling standards and measure against these is key to success with PPM tool deployments.”

The program is available in the Microsoft Office Store for $299.99. Enterprise licenses are available directly from the company.

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  1. Parabéns pela inovação e facilidade no uso desta bonita ferramenta.


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