Agile Principles

This sequence diagram shows the interaction between the team, stakeholders, product owner, and scrum master during a sprint review. The team presents the product increment to the stakeholders. The stakeholders provide feedback to the team. The product owner provides guidance to the team. The scrum master facilitates the review.

Understanding the Sprint Review in Agile Methodology

Agile methodology emphasizes collaboration and feedback. Sprint review is a time-boxed event where stakeholders provide feedback on product increment developed during the Sprint.

Sprint 1 Retrospective
Sprint 1 Review
Daily Scrum 1
Daily Scrum 3
Daily Scrum 4
Daily Scrum 5
Daily Scrum 6
Daily Scrum 7
Daily Scrum 8
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Adjusting A Sprint in Progress with MS Project Agile

Learn the steps for adjusting a Sprint in progress with Microsoft Project Agile. Modify the Sprint Backlog and perform operational tasks.

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In this image, the green section represents the predictive phase, and the orange section represents the Scrum development phase. The red dotted line indicates the status date. The entire hybrid project is the combination of both the predictive phase and the Scrum development phase. The development phase is further divided into two sub-phases: predictive and agile.

Tracking A Hybrid-Scrum Project with MS Project Agile

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Project Communication

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