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Annual Planning, Mode 1 Management and Circular Logic

Gartner introduced an interesting concept earlier this year: Mode 1 and Mode 2 planning. Mode 1 planning, as they described it, is the traditional planning approach to projects. Each project is scoped out, estimated, a business case is built, and then approved in some sort of an organizational cadence. When performed annually, this process is…

Project Pearls: Eliminate Over-Allocations

Struggling with over-allocations in your schedule Here is a quick way of resolving them by dragging an assignment from one resource to another resource that is available. This approach works in all versions of Microsoft Project.    

Certification Insider: Making Resource Assignments Realistic

Just as the clothes you buy never look like they do on the model in a catalog, your real-world resource assignments usually don’t fit quite right the first time around. Microsoft Project 2007’s resource assignment features can help you tailor resource assignments until they model reality. This month, you’ll learn how to assign part-time workers…

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