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How To Become A PMI® Professional in Business Analysis (PBA)®

Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Professional in Business Analysis (PBA®) is relatively a new certification as compared to others. Though young, it is one of the fastest growing areas of certification. As of June 2018, over 2,650 professionals hold PBA certification globally. Business analysis is increasingly considered to be an important area of competency needed by…

PMI Expands Business Analysis Focus

PMI, the Project Management Institute®, will be developing a new standard for business analysis akin to what it already provides for project management with its PMBOK®. The not-for-profit organization expects to release the new foundational standard in 2017 to provide a “definitive body of knowledge” for people doing business analysis of projects, programs and portfolios….

10 Key Business Analysis Trends to Guide Your IT Organization to Greater Results in 2011

This year organizations are picking up the pace to leverage rapid developments in technology which will enable them to be more productive and more competitive. To ensure their success, requirements management and development (RMD), or business analysis, is a critical discipline that cannot be overlooked in their initiatives and programs. RMD is the process of…

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