Contingency Plan

What Is Risk Management and Why Is It Important?

It’s easier to ignore the possibility of risks when the business is doing well — but not having a plan for potential unforeseen threats could be the most significant risk of all. The risk management p...Read More

Webinar Recap: Project-Accelerator’s Powerful Instance of Power Apps – Supporting Project Management with Project for the web.

Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Nenad Trajkovski’s session, Project-Accelerator’s Powerful Instance of Power Apps – Supporting Project Management with Project for the web, be...Read More

Who’s in Charge: Obtaining Third Party Services and What Questions to Ask for Success

In my early years as a project manager (PM) for IBM, I worked on several assignments where third party vendor or sub-contractors (usually with a specialized skill to perform) were brought in to work o...Read More

The Project Communication Plan

For small projects, communication can be quite simple. Communication for the project of heading home after the holidays might be no more than “Call us when you get there.” But good communication grows...Read More

PM, CEM, and Covid-19: Reflections

The black swan* has landed, and is honking up a storm, as I am sure you have all noticed. In my 30+ years of planning, I’ve never seen anything like this; have you? Personally, I never paid enou...Read More

Crisis Management 101: How to Lead during a Project Crisis

“A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.” – English proverb Missed deadlines. Project over budget. Irate, disappointed stakeholders. Team members home sick at “crunch time.” Sweating yet? If ...Read More

Certificate Series Recap – Project Portfolio Management Masterclass, Session 3

Please find the following transcription of our PPM Masterclass webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. You may wish to use this transcript for the purposes of self-paced lea...Read More

Fundamentals of Project Risk Management Framework

I’ve compared projects with living entities (like human beings), and the life cycle of a project with life cycle of a person. Similarly, the PMBOK guide, when expanded, is called project management bo...Read More

Five Must Have Core Competencies for Project Managers

No matter the industry or size of the project, every project manager is tasked with juggling multiple day-to-day operations. Even small-scale projects can be complex, comprised of hundreds of cross-fu...Read More

The Agile Project Manager: Your Guide to Risk Management

Risk management works differently in agile project management vs. waterfall. In this article, I highlight the basic differences and offer guidance for choosing the most effective method for your curre...Read More

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