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Meet the MPUG Expert: Interview with Erik van Hurck

Erik van Hurck is a Microsoft MVP and respected voice in the project management space. He’s a Senior PPM Consultant at Projectum, a Microsoft MVP, a prolific blogger at,...

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Leveraging AI in Project Management: 8 Areas for Impactful Predictions

Explore the potential of AI in project management, emphasizing the importance of data quality and integration with existing workflows for successful implementation.

The image shows a person using a laptop with a brain-shaped icon in the center. The icon is connected to several other icons, representing different concepts such as data, security, and communication. The image symbolizes the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and its various applications. WEBP

Empowering Your PMO with Copilot Studio: Creating an AI-Powered Chatbot Assistant

Learn a simple method for tracking retrospective items in a Hybrid-Scrum project using a separate board within MS Project Agile.