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Ask the Experts: Over-allocation with 2.5 Hours of Work?

JP-PM asks: I was wondering why Microsoft Project creates a conflict right off the bat in this example: Task 1: 2 hrs work assigned to Jack and Jane Task 2: 0.5 hrs work assigned to Jack It creates both tasks starting at 8:00 AM today (10/31/11) and right away Jack is overallocated. My question is,…

Ask the Teacher: Resource Leveling: What Do the Options Mean?

Question: When I try leveling in a project that has over-allocation of resources, I’m never sure what to do with the options I’m shown during the process. Can you explain the basics of leveling? — B.B., Redmond, WA Answer: Leveling is a function that confuses most people, so I’m glad to see this question submitted…

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