5 Tips to Improve Project Execution

These tips will help you build a strong foundation from the start of your project and keep everyone on track throughout execution, leading to greater success.

Transformation Corner: Continuous Learning in Project Management from the Navy

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Shapes being placed on a table

The Shape of Projects

In this article, I’m referring to IT projects with the ‘shape’ of them being their visible form. Projects, IT projects in particular, come in many different shapes (i.e., plans). The PMBOK (A Guide to...Read More

When a PM Must Communicate Bad News

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Back to the Future: What PM Skills Are Called for in 2022 and Beyond?

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How to report PDUs to PMI

Are you a PMP who has recently attended a MPUG webinar or course? We always provide an Activity Code for you to report your earned credits to PMI. Here’s how to do it in five easy steps! 1. Login to t...Read More

What is Your Mindset? How You Think Changes the Way You Work

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How to Earn PMP PDUs in 2022 : A Step by Step Guide

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Understanding Project Estimation in Agile Development

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Kanban: The Secret of High-Performing Teams at Microsoft

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