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Earned Value Demystified

What is Earned Value Analysis? žEV is KPIs that measure the Cost and Schedule performance of a project. žIt’s like a traffic light (green, orange and red), but better. Here are the main blocks of the EV calculations: So What? Earned value indicators that are variances or ratios can help you determine if there is enough money left in…

Microsoft Project 2013: The Missing Manual

Earned Value Analysis Earned value analysis is like the idea behind that old Smith Barney slogan, “We make money the old fashioned way—we earn it.” Earned value analysis measures progress according to how much of your project’s value (its cost) you’ve earned so far by completing work. Project customers, sponsors, and stakeholders want to know…

Certification Insider: Analyzing Variance with Microsoft Project

Whether you’re still planning or in the middle of the project execution maelstrom, Microsoft Project calculates scheduled values, which are the forecast values at the moment you look at them. Once the project is underway, the scheduled values are likely to drift away from the baseline you set. And those variances are the clues that…

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