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Distracted Much? Activities That Have the Greatest Impact on Your Project

If you’re like most project managers, in addition to the administration of your project, you likely have a multitude of daily activities that distract you from essential tasks. These distractions can ...Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of Project Management Communication

The cornerstone of every successful project is effective communication. As a project manager, everything you do is a communicative process. Clear communication about goals, responsibility and expectat...Read More

Two Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Visio

Creating diagrams in Visio is fairly easy, but do you stop when you have a collection of shapes on the page? If you do, you’re missing most of the real power of Visio. While it’s true that a picture c...Read More

Seven “Forbidden Phrases” Heard From Project Team Members

Labor is the number one cost of development projects. Actual work hours make it most important to report progress on authorized projects.” “Real” or “Accurate” time reporting of hours spent on value-d...Read More

Beyond the 2017 PMI® PMO Symposium®: The Role of Relationships and Communication

This interview with a project manager, took place during the 2017 PMI® PMO Symposium® and was conducted and condensed by Kyle Brownell. Q. This event focuses on two key topics: Agile transformation an...Read More

How New Technology, Better Collaboration, Simulations and Modular Designs Make for Project Success: An Examination of Nuclear Submarine Building

Some of the largest and most expensive projects completed of late have been fraught with huge time & cost overruns. These unexpected delays and expenses cause partial or full project failures with...Read More

Common issues in Project management #4: Don’t set progress in the schedule

Planning is one thing Let’s assume you know your way around the Gantt chart view. Let’s say you know what a WBS is (watch this YouTube video and Jigs MPUG article if you are not sure). And that you kn...Read More

Ten Project Management Truths

Project managers spend their days communicating, scheduling, reporting, and putting out fires. Days are unpredictable and often Plan A doesn’t work. Each project comes with its own set of challenges, ...Read More

How To Be a Better Analyst

The majority of Microsoft Project books will undoubtedly teach you how to master the software. They explain in great detail how to set a baseline, update a calendar, or format a Gantt chart. However, ...Read More

When Microsoft Project Won’t Connect with Microsoft Project Server EPM

Microsoft Project Professional edition is the desktop client in Microsoft Project Server (MSPS). The version of the server and client software should be at a supported level in order of the two to wor...Read More

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