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The 0.38 day Mystery Solved!

Ever wonder where that pesky 0.38 days comes from that you find when comparing dates that look to be the same? In a recent inquiry, a reader wanted to know, “Why does a ‘one working day’ task show up as 0.38 calendar days?” In his schedule he was using this formula in a Text1 field:…

How to Reverse-Engineer a Microsoft Project Schedule

Steven Covey’s brilliant book, The 7 habits of Highly Effective People, outlined seven key steps. One of those steps was to start your day with the end in mind. In project management, this is a familiar scenario, where senior management has given a target or a goal with the end date and — in some…

Time Impact Analysis: Extra Work and the Effect on the Finish Date

Project Managers are often eager to undertake additional challenges.  Experience shows the seasoned manager under-commits and over-delivers as opposed to the alternative (over-committing and under-delivering).  There are real world processes and tools in place that can help the Project Manager understand and make realistic commitments.  Before commitments to accept extra work are communicated, there exists…

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