Forecast Schedule

Forecasting Projects: Modeling Time, Workload, and Cost

By Eric Uyttewaal There are three forecasts you can make with Microsoft Project. They are forecasts for Time, Workload, and Cost in your project schedule: Here is a revolutionary thought—if only proje...Read More

Webinar Recap: Forecast Scheduling for Real-World Projects

Please find a transcription of the audio portion of Eric Uyttewaal’s Forecast Scheduling for Real-World Projects webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. You may wish t...Read More

Forecast Scheduling for Real-World Projects (Project Online 2018)

Event Description: This presentation is on the NEW textbook ‘Forecast Scheduling with Project Online 2018’ by Eric Uyttewaal. The author invented the ‘Principle of Dynamic Scheduling’ stat...Read More

NEW Textbook ‘Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project Online 2018’

Yes, we know ‘Project Online 2018’ does not exist, but I thought it the best way to refer to the recent build of Project Online (April 2018) that keeps changing (or, so they say…). My new textbo...Read More

Resource Management: Lost in the Woods? Here is Your Way Out

Resource management is a complex subject. There are many aspects to resource management using Project Server or Project Online. Just look at this course from ProjectPro Corp that outlines those aspect...Read More

Improving Project Schedules with ProjectPro Forecast Scheduling App

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle. Event Description: Project schedule...Read More

ProjectPro – Forecast Scheduling App

The Forecast Scheduling App is produced by ProjectPro. Product Summary: FSA is a tool used to audit your project schedule to provide feedback and help you improve it. Based on the textbook, Forecast S...Read More

3 Tips on Managing Projects and Clients

1. At ProjectPro, we created a guideline that we call the 1%-10% rule. The duration of any lowest-level task should be between a minimum and maximum duration. The minimum duration is 1% of the project...Read More

3 Task Tips

1. Before entering any tasks, you have to specify how many work hours equal a workday by using option Hours per Day on the tab Schedule (ribbon File, item Options). Microsoft Project uses this setting...Read More

4 Handy Microsoft Project Scheduling Tips

1. When you schedule electronically, you should not enter start or finish dates for tasks. If you use Microsoft Project to simply capture dates and only dates, you may as well use Microsoft Excel inst...Read More

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