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Project Schedule

Project Scheduling Methodologies That Drive Results

A few years ago, I worked with a Project Manager (PM) who was seen by many as a micromanager. During our weekly schedule tracking meetings, she would go around the room and ask each team member to giv...Read More

You’re Invited to Join a WBS Schedule Pro Presentation

This is your invitation to join Critical Tools for a webinar presentation of our popular WBS Schedule Pro project planning software. WBS Schedule Pro makes creating and presenting projects easy. Durin...Read More

Using a Finish By Field Instead of Deadline Dates in Microsoft Project

Background Information In my third and previous article in this series, I demonstrated how the use of Deadline dates can negatively impact the Total Slack calculations for tasks in your Microsoft Proj...Read More

Set a Target Date for Task Completion Using Deadline Dates

Background Information Many years ago, I was working with a client located in downtown Denver, Colorado. I was teaching the project managers in the client’s PMO how to use the new version of Microsoft...Read More

Entering Actuals During the Tracking Cycle

In my recent Tracking Starts with a Status Date article, a four-step tracking cycle was defined. It includes setting the status date, entering actuals, rescheduling incomplete work, and resource level...Read More

Tracking Starts with a Status Date

There are four steps involved in tracking a project:  setting the status date, entering actuals and schedule revisions, rescheduling incomplete work, and resource leveling the remaining schedule. Thes...Read More

Quickly Determine if a Task Has Been Baselined

Manually Checking for Un-baselined Tasks How do you know whether a task has been baselined in a Microsoft Project schedule? The direct way to determine if a task has been baselined is to apply any tas...Read More

Multiple Views into the Same Project File

Different views into the same MS Project file enables us to see a schedule from multiple perspectives. Using the split view feature is one way to do this. The Project window is split into two panes, w...Read More

Exploring VBA Part II: Using VBA Forms to Create a Custom Interface – Transcription

Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Ira Brown’s session, Exploring VBA: Microsoft Project’s Macro Language Part II, being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. You...Read More

Understanding and Using Resource Graph View in MS Project

The Microsoft Project software tool comes with a number of view options, which, at a high level, can be thought of as Task Views and Resource Views. While views such as Gantt Chart, Team Planner, Reso...Read More

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