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MPUG Transcript and Certificate of Completion

An MPUG premium membership provides you with a seat at all live online MPUG webinars and access to over 500 hours of previously recorded training sessions available on-demand. MPUG documents all of your hard work and training you have completed to get the recognition you deserve. What does this mean for me? As an MPUG…

Webinar Reports

This is a complete report of all live MPUG Webinars and Certificate Series sessions you have attended since March 2013. The report also includes all recorded MPUG Webinars that you have watched and submitted to your history since May 7, 2015. Please note, webinars prior to these dates will not be listed in the webinar…

Microsoft Project Baselining Best Practices

Once you have the complete WBS built out, assigned resources, entered the effort estimates, built your dependency network and added your deadlines and constraints, it is time to set the project baseline.  The baseline reflects the schedule agreed upon at the start of the project as well as any approved changes along the way.  It…

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