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Measuring the Value of a Program Management Office

Many organizations have contemplated or implemented program management as a means of managing inter-related projects within their organization, with varying degrees of success. For the purposes of this article we refer to a Program Management Office (PgMO) as a vehicle which can be used to manage the life-cycle of a specific program or, if a…

Focusing on Deliverables, Not Just the Schedule

As project managers we’re often so focused on the project plan, schedule, and budget, we forget what the ultimate goal of the project is to begin with. When a senior leader comes along and says, “Oh, by the way, while you’re in there doing those activities, can you add this one on too?” we evaluate…

Putting Project Portfolio Management to Work in a Bad Economy

How has the economic downturn affected your company’s bottom line? A common theme you’re probably hearing is that organizations want to improve efficiency, cut costs, and maintain core functions, allowing them to survive and be ready to bounce back as soon as times get better. Unfortunately, cost cutting efforts usually translate into project work being…

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