Management Skills

The importance of leading now as a project manager

WebNLearn: The Importance of Learning How to “Lead Now” as a Project Manager

This webinar discusses continuous development and introduces techniques and actions that will enable project managers to enhance their leadership skills/styles

MPUG 041923

WebNLearn: 5 “Must-Dos” to be a PMI-PMP

Learn what you need to know, what you need to study and how you can best prepare to take the PMI-PMP exam and succeed!

Best practices for managing resources and workload using Project

WebNLearn: Best Practices for Managing Resources and Workload with Microsoft Project Desktop

In this webinar you will learn best practices for managing resources and workload using Microsoft Project Desktop

Microsoft Project Visualization

WebNLearn: Now You See It! Microsoft Project Visualization Magic

In this webinar you will learn techniques for how to best display data using Microsoft Project including gantt charts, fonts, styles and more!

Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams

WebNLearn: Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams

In this webinar you will learn strategies for effectively leading teams in virtual or hybrid working environments.

WebNLearn: Leading Through Change Without Burning Out

In this webinar you will learn about corporate burnout and how to prevent burnout in yourself and your project management team.

How to Optimize Project Management for Remote Business

Remote work is a trend that was already becoming commonplace before the pandemic hit. Now, it’s become the new norm for millions of business owners and workers. As a result, many project manager...

How to Earn PMP PDUs in 2022 : A Step by Step Guide

I have been conducting PMP training for about 15 years. During training workshops, I get all kind of project management-related questions, but one of the most frequently asked questions is about PMP c...

Chess and Project Management: Part 2

A previous article, Chess and Project Management, explored the similarities between the game of chess and project management. A professional chess player who is also a PMP found the first article to b...

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