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Five Project Management Styles to Motivate Your Team Members

Fashion is temporary, but style is forever. That’s because “style” is not subjected to rapidly-changing standards created by those in power. Style is personal, it’s an expression of self. I’m not only talking about your style of dress, but also the style in which you talk, in which you treat others, the style in which…

Organizational Politics

Do you remember the Microsoft Windows game Minesweeper? You had a game board covered with squares that could contain bombs. The goal was to clear the board without blowing yourself up. It wasn’t impossible; but you needed to think through things and develop a strategy to accomplish the goal. Organizational politics can be a lot…

3 Ways to Keep Your Project Team Motivated

Multi-year projects can be “long, tedious, time-consuming and very heavy” for the project managers overseeing them, says Beth, who works for a large networking technology company in southern California. That’s why this portfolio manager knew she had to do something to keep her team from getting burned out during the 2 1/2 year project they…

6 Powerful PM Steps for Getting People to Follow You

  When there’s a job to be done, sustaining support and maintaining motivation within your team is crucial to the outcome of your project. It can be extremely difficult to keep up momentum, on top of managing a mission, so follow these six simple “C” steps and the enthusiasm–and final result – will remain high….

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