MS Project and Sharepoint Integrations

2023 MPUG Vendor Showcase Project Widgets

Project Widgets: Where There’s A Widget, There’s A Way: Overcoming Real Life Project Management Challenges

Are you looking for a widget or add in that will support your MS Project reporting, scheduling, risks and issues? Look no further!

Vendor Showcase 2023 - OnePager

OnePager: Project Timeline and Gantt Chart Applications for Microsoft Project, Project Online and Project Server

Are you looking for a timeline or gantt chart application to make project reporting easier? Learn more about OnePager Pro here!

Vendor Showcase 2023 - OnePlan

OnePlan – MPUG Vendor Showcase – Introducing OnePlan: The Future for Microsoft Project Users

Are you looking to expand Microsoft Project's PPM capabilities and want to include AI as well? Look no further than OnePlan!

Navigating the Future of Microsoft Project and Project Online with OnePlan

WebNLearn: Navigating the Future of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Online with OnePlan

OnePlan Project Portfolio Management provides a comprehensive view of an org's strategic portfolio including costs, resources and timelines

Automating Information between Microsoft Project and SharePoint -Transcription

Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Jeff Lynch’s webinar, Automating Information between Microsoft Project and SharePoint, being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our membe...

Microsoft Project vs Project for the web

Project for the web, Project Online, and SharePoint

What criteria should businesses look at to decide on the Project solution they need? There’s plenty of documentation on the features of each of the various Microsoft Project solutions, but where do yo...

Misconception #3: “Project Desktop is Going Away and PWA with It”

We are about halfway through a list of common MS Project misconceptions that I’ve identified through my experience of working as a Microsoft Project user, teacher, and consultant for the last 27 years...

Five Best Governance and Security Practices for PMs using MS Teams

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a significant surge in the demand for online communication platforms. Among these platforms, MS Teams is a popular choice for companies and organizations. As per Stati...

What is Project for the web

Back to Basics: What is Microsoft Project for the web?

From a bird’s eye view, Project for the web is the little brother of Microsoft Project. Whereas MS Project has a 30+ year history (the first version was available in 1984 with only Microsoft Word bein...

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