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PMI Pulse of the Profession Highlights: Wrapping up 2022

According to PMI, among a diverse pool project professionals surveyed, “…there was consensus around the most critical power skills: communication, problem-solving, collaborative leadership, and strate...Read More

Exciting Things Happening at MPUG!

As you may have seen, we’ve taken a short break on live events this summer. That doesn’t mean things are quiet here at MPUG, though! We are excited to provide the following update to our community and...Read More

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What’s New? Project Management in the News (October Edition)

Standards for Innovation Alex Simmons, VP of Program Management for Microsoft’s Identity Division, discussed, in a recent article, the role of standards in accelerating innovation. To quote Mr. Simmon...Read More

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What’s New? Microsoft Project News: September Edition

Bringing Together Team Members of Different Generations In the project management workforce, we are starting to see a focus on helping senior people in the workplace connect with and manage the newest...Read More

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What’s New? Project Management News: August Edition

Treasury & Risk Announces their 23rd Annual Alexander Hamilton Award On their website last week, Treasury and Risk put out a call for organizations who have completed “an innovative project in the...Read More

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What’s New? Microsoft Project News: July Edition

Is Agile Reaching a Tipping Point? Barry Pronier, on, recently shared why he thinks this is the year millennials will create a flashpoint for the Agile revolution. As he points out, Ag...Read More

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What’s New? Microsoft Project News: June Edition

PMI Reports Organizations Facing Disruptive Technology Wikipedia defines the business term, “disruptive technology,” as an innovation that creates a new market or value network and eventually disrupts...Read More

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What’s New? Microsoft Project News: May Edition

Microsoft Highlights AI in Conjunction with Earth Day Microsoft recently took the opportunity to highlight AI (artificial intelligence), and reported that, as a company, they are working to improve ac...Read More

Microsoft Prepares for Office 2019 Release

Last year, Microsoft announced its upcoming release of Office 2019. From the official announcement: “This release, scheduled for the second half of 2018, will include perpetual versions of the Office ...Read More

What’s New? Microsoft Project News: April 2018 Edition

Updates for Project and Project Server Released in March Microsoft’s TechNet blog has announced the release of Project and Project Server updates last month listing details depending on which configur...Read More