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Project Management

Why is Project Management Important?

I have been conducting PMP training workshops for about 15 years. I usually start my training sessions by asking participants to introduce themselves and state their expectations of the training progr...Read More

Back to Basics: How to Start a Project?

Aristotle was a great philosopher, but it’s my belief that if he had lived today, he would have become a great project manager. Living in 4th century B.C., Aristotle wrote a series of books on politic...Read More

What Are the Different Project Organizational Structures?

A company’s organizational structure is the system that defines a hierarchy within the organization. It typically describes job functions and reporting relationships. It can also describe how ac...Read More

What Is Risk Management and Why Is It Important?

It’s easier to ignore the possibility of risks when the business is doing well — but not having a plan for potential unforeseen threats could be the most significant risk of all. The risk management p...Read More

A Simple Project Management Checklist

Projects are essential to all organizations’ goals and objectives. Successful project completions according to targeted purposes account for optimum company performance. But only through a robust proj...Read More

Webinar Recap: Risk Management Life Cycle in the Context of Project, Program, and Portfolio

Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Satya N Dash’ session, Risk Management Life Cycle in the Context of Project, Program, and Portfolio, being provided by MPUG for the convenienc...Read More

Organizational Politics

Do you remember the Microsoft Windows game Minesweeper? You had a game board covered with squares that could contain bombs. The goal was to clear the board without blowing yourself up. It wasn’t...Read More

K2 – Appit for SharePoint

Appit for SharePoint is produced by K2. Product Summary:  K2 Appit for SharePoint integrates with SharePoint to help users build apps, simplify business processes, and collaborate efficiently so you c...Read More

How to Accelerate the ROI of Your PPM Investment

What if I told you that I know how to shortcut the payback period on a typical project and portfolio management (PPM) maturity initiative? What if I could tell you how to abbreviate the growing pains ...Read More

Ask the Teacher: Are You Ready for Project Server?

Question: We installed the software for Microsoft Project Server. I’m not sure my users are ready to use it yet. What are my next steps? Answer: This question could take volumes to answer but I&...Read More