Progress tracking

The diagram shows the relationships between vision, strategic objectives, benefits, outcomes, and outputs. The vision is at the top, followed by the strategic objectives. The benefits are linked to the strategic objectives. The outcomes are linked to the benefits. The outputs are linked to the outcomes.

A Practical Portfolio Benefits-Realization Plan with MS Project

Learn step-by-step guidance, dependencies, and customized fields to visualize and manage portfolios effectively with MS Project.

The Portfolio Strategic Plan (PfSP) is developed based on the organization's strategic goals and objectives. The PfSP outlines the high-level direction for the portfolio and identifies the key initiatives that will be undertaken to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Portfolio Charter (PfC) is a more detailed document that defines the scope, objectives, and deliverables of the portfolio. The PfC also identifies the key stakeholders and roles and responsibilities for the portfolio.

The Portfolio Roadmap (PRM) is a visual representation of the portfolio's planned activities and dependencies. The PRM helps to track progress and identify any potential risks or issues.

Building A Practical Portfolio Roadmap with Microsoft Project

A portfolio roadmap is a key deliverable in portfolio management, providing a visual representation of an organizations strategic intent. Learn how to build a practical portfolio roadmap using Microso...