Project Management

Effective Use of Artificial Intelligence Tools: 5 Strategies for Effective Implementation (Part 2)

But Wait! There’s More! In Part 1 of Effective Use of Artificial Intelligence Tools, we explained AI and its uses for predictive analysis in Project Management. But there are more than just those 8 us...

The INs-N-OUTs of Quality

Learn how IN-N-OUT Orvis, and quality planning, assurance, control, and improvement in IT projects can illuminate the importance of quality assurance in project management.

Using Custom Fields and Graphical Indicators to Analyze the Quality of Your Schedule

Learn how to leverage custom fields and graphical indicators in Microsoft Project to analyze and enhance the quality of your project schedules in this insightful webinar.

Effective Use of Artificial Intelligence Tools in Project Management

Explore how AI can revolutionize project management with MIGSO-PCUBED's interactive webinar & earn 1 PMI PDU credit!

" The future of project work is moving past office-centric models. This means that more and more people will be working on projects from home or other remote locations. This trend has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many businesses to close their offices and allow their employees to work from home. There are several benefits to working on projects from home. For example, employees can save time and money on commuting, and they can have more flexibility in their work hours. However, there are also some challenges to working from home, such as the need to stay motivated and focused, and the potential for isolation. Overall, the future of project work is bright. There are many opportunities for project managers and other professionals to find work in a variety of industries. However, it is important to be aware of the challenges of working from home and to be prepared to overcome them."

The Future of Project Management is Flexible: PMI’s 15th Annual Report Reveals Key Trends

The Project Management Institute's latest Pulse of the Profession report highlights the rise of flexible, hybrid approaches, remote work trends, and the importance of continuous learning and empowerin...

A young woman is interviewing a man for a job.

5 Effective Tips for Managing Conflicts in Project Teams

Discover 5 proven tips for effectively managing conflicts in project management, fostering open communication, understanding root causes, practicing active listening, separating people from problems, ...

Mastering Project Management Tools Course

What is Project Management

Project Management is a systematic and organized approach to planning, coordinating, and overseeing the work of a team to achieve a specific goal. It involves defining the project scope and objectives...

The diagram shows how Copilot for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform works. A user prompt is sent to the Copilot service. The Copilot service then uses a large language model to generate a modified prompt. This modified prompt is then used to query the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 data sources. The results of this query are then used to generate a response to the user's prompt.

Microsoft Copilot Explained: Generative AI Chatbots for Business

Discover the power of generative AI for your business with Microsoft Copilot Studio and the types of intelligent chatbots you can create.

Microsoft Project Magic Formula Final Demystification with Microsoft Project Online

Learn the key to aligning task duration and effort in Microsoft Project for seamless project management success in this lesson, and earn a PDU!

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