Project Risks

This meme is funny because it shows a cargo ship on fire with the text "PROJECT IS IN GREAT SHAPE" above it, and "PARTS ARE SHIPPED" below it. This is a metaphor for a project that is in a lot of trouble, but the parts have already been shipped, so it's too late to turn back.

Identify and Respond to Black Swans

Discover proactive strategies, 10 key steps for identification, and actionable measures to fortify projects against unforeseen challenges.

The picture shows a person sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop. The person is wearing a white sweater and the laptop is open. There is a cup of coffee on the desk to the right of the laptop. The person is probably working on something or browsing the internet.

Back to Basics: How to Create a Project Charter

Learn how to create a project charter, a crucial document that authorizes a project's existence and outlines its objectives. Discover the key components, best practices, and the importance of obtainin...