Project Scheduling

The Five Best Project Management Apps for Microsoft Teams

This expert comparison of the 5 best Project Management apps for Microsoft Teams will help you quickly choose the best option for your team.

Schedule Risk Analysis

Protecting Contract Deliverables With Schedule Risk Analysis and Schedule Margin

Event Description: Learn why the finish date predicted by Microsoft Project is NOT the date you promise to deliver to your customer.  Even with excellent estimating and execution, the project finish d...Read More

Project Schedule

Project Scheduling Methodologies That Drive Results

A few years ago, I worked with a Project Manager (PM) who was seen by many as a micromanager. During our weekly schedule tracking meetings, she would go around the room and ask each team member to giv...Read More

Make Saturday a Working Day in Microsoft Project

Background There was an interesting question recently in the Tech Community Project user forum. A user asked how to change the default working calendar to allow Saturday as a working day. The question...Read More

A Better Microsoft Project: Workload Levelling and Resource-Critical Path

Most projects are logic-constrained projects (or, if I might suggest, wrongfully treated as such). A logic-constrained project has a duration only determined by logic (i.e., the network of dependencie...Read More

Shapes being placed on a table

The Shape of Projects

In this article, I’m referring to IT projects with the ‘shape’ of them being their visible form. Projects, IT projects in particular, come in many different shapes (i.e., plans). The PMBOK (A Guide to...Read More

A Better Microsoft Project for Time Modeling: Deadlines and the (Most‑) Critical Path

In my previous post, I explained that I’d be making a case in a series of articles for adding certain features to Microsoft’s Project for Desktop and Project for the web software. Here, I’d like to su...Read More

Create a Custom Schedule Status Field in Microsoft Project

Overview Have you ever tried to use the default task Status field in Microsoft Project? This field uses the Status date that you set in your project (or the Current date if you have not set a Status d...Read More

Display Actual Duration in Calendar Days and Not in Working Days

Background Information Last month there was a fascinating “brain teaser” question posted in the Project and Planner User Group on LinkedIn. The user wanted to know if there was a way to display the Ac...Read More

A New Direction for PMI’s PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has gone through quite the metamorphosis over the past few years, positioning itself once again as one of the top authorities on how project management is practi...Read More