Recurring Tasks

Building and Managing A Hybrid-Agile Plan with MS Project

While Scrum and Kanban are two frequently used, individual Lean-Agile frameworks, many management practitioners use Hybrid-Agile approaches. This is because a number of organizations, across industry ...Read More

Building A Sprint Backlog with All Scrum Events in MS Project Agile

One of the key artifacts in a Scrum Project is the Sprint Backlog, with others being the Product Backlog and (Product) Increment. The Sprint Backlog is prepared during the Sprint Planning event, and i...Read More

Seven Tips for a Freelancer to Master Project Management

One of the most significant advantages of being a freelancer is the freedom and flexibility that it allows. You can work privately, and it likely will feel good to be in charge and independent while g...Read More

How To Get Your Schedule into Project for the Web

In a recent Project for the web update, we were treated with a number of new features. For some of us, including me, it took a while before they showed up, but I’ve got them now! View all the December...Read More

Microsoft Project Logo

MS Project: An Ever-Evolving Solution

From DOS to Windows 10 I started using Microsoft Project (MSP) in its earliest DOS beginnings around 1986, and it reminded me of Microsoft’s Excel. In other words, I initially felt Project was a subse...Read More

NEW Textbook ‘Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project Online 2018’

Yes, we know ‘Project Online 2018’ does not exist, but I thought it the best way to refer to the recent build of Project Online (April 2018) that keeps changing (or, so they say…). My new textbo...Read More

Boost Project Planning with Your Big, Monster Piece of Paper

To enhance project planning, my company established a process called the “Big Monster Piece of Paper” or BMPP for short. The BMPP method is a structured, top-down brainstorming approach to...Read More

Resource Leveling: Leveling Fields

Welcome back to our series on resource leveling! This article wraps up the core leveling functionality by examining the leveling fields available to: Override leveling options at a task or resource le...Read More

Ind Zara – Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is produced by Ind Zara. Product Summary: A to-do list Excel template for creating one-time and recurring tasks, assigning them to team members and updating their status. This to...Read More

Ind Zara – Project Management Toolkit Excel Templates

  Product Summary: A set of Excel files to help users speed up project management.         These Excel-based templates cover six jobs: Project Manager: Designed to help you or...Read More

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