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Enterprise Project Type Icons You Didn’t Know You Had

One thing I always have to search for when creating a new EPT is the appropriate icon to use. I have discovered and used some of the out-of-the-box icons that can be found in any default Project Server 2010 installation, so I thought that I might share them here. There is in fact a long…

How to Create An Enterprise Go-Live Calendar in Project Server 2007/2010/2013

This article was originally published in MSProjectExperts’ blog. Reproduction of content on this site is strictly prohibited without the express permission of MSProjectExperts. Copyright (c) 2012 CHEFETZ LLC. All rights reserved. Recently, a member of the Project Server forum asked how can you display a Go-Live calendar on PWA? After doing some investigation, here are the instructions on how to…

When Your Project Server Queue Slows Down

There can be many different reasons why a queue in Project Server might not be processing as fast as you would like. After listing a few of them,I will go into detail on one condition we have seen with a few different customers now, under some different scenarios. All of these are equally as applicable…

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