Task Duration

Best Practices for Initiating a New Project Schedule with Microsoft Project

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle. Event Description: In the first web...Read More

6 Tips on Microsoft Project Templates

Microsoft Project 2013 has two types of templates: The global template and the project template. Here’s a rundown: 1. The global template acts as a storage facility for built-in and customized P...Read More

3 Task Tips

1. Before entering any tasks, you have to specify how many work hours equal a workday by using option Hours per Day on the tab Schedule (ribbon File, item Options). Microsoft Project uses this setting...Read More

4 Handy Microsoft Project Scheduling Tips

1. When you schedule electronically, you should not enter start or finish dates for tasks. If you use Microsoft Project to simply capture dates and only dates, you may as well use Microsoft Excel inst...Read More

Use Your Mouse to Change the Duration Value

In all versions of Project, in a task line, click a Duration cell to activate the spin button control and then click the arrows to increase or decrease the duration value in the cell. Each click chang...Read More

Slack in Microsoft Project 2013.

You may be wondering why you can have individual items with slack in your schedule but then have total slack for the whole project show zero. Is there a way to show on your schedule how many days of s...Read More

8 Scheduling Tips for Project 2010

1. In Project 2010, I always use “Must Finish On” instead of a deadline date for the last task in my projects, in order to cement the task in the schedule. 2. I use “Start No Earlier...Read More

Microsoft Project 2013 Step by Step

How To Come Up with Accurate Task Durations

The following in an excerpt from chapter 4 of Microsoft Project 2013 Step by Step by Carl Chatfield, PMP and Timothy Johnson, MCTS. Download full versions of chapter 4 and 9.   You should conside...Read More

What Does Percentage Complete Actually Mean

Percentage Task Duration Complete and percentage task Work Complete Explained. Microsoft project 2010 presents you with a bounty of riches when it comes to task work. But getting there takes a little ...Read More

Designated Drivers

There has been a lot of talk this year about the use of drivers in schedule risk analysis. The idea is that the correlations between task durations are the result of one or more outside influences (th...Read More

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