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Critical Path Modeling Using Microsoft Project: Lesson 3 – Leveling and Resolving Resource Conflicts Transcription

Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Sam Bell’s course, Critical Path Modeling Using Microsoft Project (Lesson 3: Leveling and Resolving Resource Conflicts), being provided by MPU...Read More

Tracking Starts with a Status Date

There are four steps involved in tracking a project:  setting the status date, entering actuals and schedule revisions, rescheduling incomplete work, and resource leveling the remaining schedule. Thes...Read More

Building A Sprint Backlog with All Scrum Events in MS Project Agile

One of the key artifacts in a Scrum Project is the Sprint Backlog, with others being the Product Backlog and (Product) Increment. The Sprint Backlog is prepared during the Sprint Planning event, and i...Read More

Exploring VBA Part II: Using VBA Forms to Create a Custom Interface – Transcription

Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Ira Brown’s session, Exploring VBA: Microsoft Project’s Macro Language Part II, being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. You...Read More

8 Scheduling Tips for Project 2010

1. In Project 2010, I always use “Must Finish On” instead of a deadline date for the last task in my projects, in order to cement the task in the schedule. 2. I use “Start No Earlier...Read More

Microsoft Project View Mastery

Have you ever created a new view and customized it the way you wanted, only to find out that other similar views are also changed? Do you want a certain format to copy for your status report but curre...Read More