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Misconception #4: Managing Resources in Project is Too Hard

Managing resources in Project is certainly not simple. If you’ve worked in Primavera or other scheduling tools, you know there’s even more complexity for how to utilize resources. Of course, there are...Read More

Tracking Starts with a Status Date

There are four steps involved in tracking a project:  setting the status date, entering actuals and schedule revisions, rescheduling incomplete work, and resource leveling the remaining schedule. Thes...Read More

Multiple Views into the Same Project File

Different views into the same MS Project file enables us to see a schedule from multiple perspectives. Using the split view feature is one way to do this. The Project window is split into two panes, w...Read More

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MS Project: An Ever-Evolving Solution

From DOS to Windows 10 I started using Microsoft Project (MSP) in its earliest DOS beginnings around 1986, and it reminded me of Microsoft’s Excel. In other words, I initially felt Project was a subse...Read More

The Best of 2018: MPUG’s Top Ten Articles from Last Year

Here’s our lineup of articles from 2018 that were the most popular! What do you think? Were any of these a favorite of yours? 1. Ask the Expert: Import Excel Data into Project – Tips & Troubleshoo...Read More

Critical Path, Criticality Analysis, and Criticality Index

Imagine the following scenario. You are in charge of managing a big match in a stadium. The venue can hold over 100,000 people. The audience is as passionate about watching, as their favorite players ...Read More

Getting the Team to Use Ranged Estimates

Dear Elizabeth: I work on a project team for a manufacturing company. For the last year, we’ve been using ranged estimates to build out our schedules. For the most part, our customers love it. We have...Read More

Add a Cutover Weekend Calendar

Some projects are just disruptive. This is especially the case when you are replacing an old technology with a new one. There usually isn’t a “good” time to move from one enterprise solution to anothe...Read More

Do You Know Enough About Baselining?

In Microsoft Project, a baseline is like a “snapshot” of your project before you begin entering actual progress. Following best practices for baselining is essential to the success of any project, but...Read More

Using the Microsoft Planner App

This is the second part of a two part series on using Microsoft Planner. Using the Microsoft Planner App Because Planner is cloud based, there is an App for it that installs on mobile devices. The dra...Read More