Webinar highlights

Microsoft Project for the Web Views

Navigating the Future of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Online

As Microsoft transitions away from Project Online to the new "Project for the web," OnePlan's innovative tools show promise for the future.

Understanding the Sprint Review in Agile Methodology

Agile methodology emphasizes collaboration and feedback. Sprint review is a time-boxed event where stakeholders provide feedback on product increment developed during the Sprint.

Webinar Highlight: Who is Microsoft Project for the web Designed For?

In this webinar highlight article, we will discuss who Project for the web is for, and where it fits in the Microsoft landscape. We will explore the various applications that Microsoft has created for...

Webinar Highlight: What features makes Project for the Web enterprise ready?

In this webinar, we discussed which key features make Microsoft Project for the web enterprise-ready, and what it's still missing.