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Tales of Terror in Project Management, Volume 2


This year’s tales of terror plunge you into project management madness.

You’ll visit a hiring manager’s dungeon of woe, spy on a company executive as he spins his web of wickedness, learn just how desperate a new PM can get to succeed and uncover the tiny detail that nailed the coffin in one PMO director’s career.


The Curious Case of the Disappearing New Hires
By Eric Verzuh
Once they entered the hiring manager’s office we never saw them again.

The Executive Who Laid a Curse on His PMs
By Tim Runcie
It was a dark and stormy night, and he was all alone…

I Tried to Warn Them: “Enter at Your Own Risk”
By Satya Narayan Dash
Would this project really ever end?

Trace Evidence that Sunk a PMO Director
By Cindy Lewis
It’s always the little things that catch our deceptions out…


Read last year’s Tales of Terror, if you dare!


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