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The New Year’s Resolution of a Project Manager

MPUG recently invited its members and guests to tell us about your resolutions for the New Year. You came through loud and clear. Here we publicly post those resolutions to spur the project managers who made them to continue their efforts. We expect to report back in 2011 with success stories from each of these brave individuals. (In the meantime, Joann, Lanka, Tom, Lynn, Andrew, Diane, Jim, and Robin, your books are on the way! Good luck with your quest!)

I have taken it upon myself to become a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. I believe that using project management techniques in conjunction with other process methodologies works. It may increase the odds of getting it right the first time.
— Donald A. Fish

I resolve to use my projects plans throughout the project lifecycle, not just in the planning phase.
— Joann Nieman, PMP, CISSP, GSEC

I want to make sure my PMs look at the schedules once a week on Monday and update the remaining hours and get credit for the tasks completed, and add hours to the ones needing more hours and maintain the Microsoft Project schedules so the earned values are realistic. I want to set some time aside to review all projects on a weekly basis.
— Lanka van Dort, PMP

My Project-related New Year’s resolution is to finally lock down a schedule on time and not allow last minute scope changes. Granted schedules are a living document, but not until they’re baselined, and I will hold the line this year.
— Gary P. Lucas, MBA, PMP

My resolution for the New Year is to provide agendas for all my project status meetings to help keep the team from straying off to other topics.
— Tom Herrington, PMP

My resolution is to break my project plans down into smaller chunks to make them easier to manage. Big plans are hard to update. If I break them into smaller chunks, it’s much easier to handle.
— Lynn Ziman

My job-related New Year’s resolution is to become more problem-friendly and try to see problems as opportunities. It’s important to realize that life is about finding the rhythm of problems and solutions.
— Kevin Phillips

In 2010, as infrastructure project manager, I will work closely with my customer delivery project managers to help them more effectively manage their customers’ requests to expand their requirements, understanding cost and time impact, and thereby ensuring hosting projects don’t suffer from scope creep as in 2009.
— Andrew Whitlock

I run several projects for various state agencies. To keep from procrastinating, after I schedule the weekly or bi-weekly reoccurring project meetings, I schedule reoccurring events that pop up to remind me to create and send the meeting reminder and agendas prior to each meeting (usually the day before), then a pop-up to do the meeting minutes following the meeting. I have made a pact that I cannot dismiss the popup until the task is done.
— Diane L. Kelly, PMP

First and foremost, to have a good and HAPPY attitude about my work, and even if people try to break that, come out with a smile, and an attitude of “positiveness.”
— Vasu Sanghani

To earn my Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification.
— Jim Grabinski

My work-related resolution this year is to focus on and take ownership of my own professional development. I will accomplish this by enrolling in courses and seeking relevant project management training.
— Tom Seputis

I’m resolved to learn more about project management. I am fairly new as an official member of the PM community and therefore was previously unaware of the vast amount of information and training available. This year, I vow to conquer Microsoft Project and scheduling issues.
— Robin Tarnoff

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