Three Reasons to Participate in MPUG’s Annual Vendor Showcase Event

Do you represent a business who offers products or services designed to support project managers? Each year MPUG holds a vendor showcase – a virtual “trade show” – designed to connect your business with our community of project managers.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider this opportunity. Space is limited.


1. Save time and minimize costs

Attending a brick and mortar trade show eats up time and money, and it’s likely you won’t get the attention of anyone for more than five minutes with everything going on. Your virtual “trade show” event with MPUG will be open to our entire community, and you’ll have a full hour to present and demo your product/service.


2. Connect with industry’s leaders

Our members are leading PMs who are eagerly seeking “pressure free” information about products and services which will support them and their work with Microsoft’s project management applications. Additionally, much of our audience is drawn from the Enterprise segment. These are industry leaders you want to connect with!


3. Take advantage of opportunities to network

Not only will you have an hour to demo your product or service, but your company’s offering will be included in MPUG’s event marketing. You’ll a dedicated page to describe what you’re offering, to feature pictures or videos, and to link to your website.


Learn more about this opportunity by emailing We look forward to hearing from you.


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