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Tip: Hide Security Settings in SharePoint Office 365 Online

Wondering how to maintain control over security settings in SharePoint Office 365 Online? This quick tip takes you step by step over the process for hiding the settings.

First, sign into Office 365 account as shown below.

Enter your credentials to log in to Office365 Project site. After you’ve logged in, you’ll see this landing page:

Click on the menu to get this list of items:

Select Project.

That takes you to the Project online landing page, otherwise known as Project Web App (PWA), as shown below.

Click on Office 365 settings and choose Site contents:

Select PWA Settings, so you can see all the settings for this site:

To hide this Security setting, click Admin from the left side quick launch bar:

Click on Admin to navigate the Admin portal page. Select Admin Centers and select SharePoint:

Once you choose SharePoint, the page navigates to the Admin page, where you can see the list site instances:

Select the site in which you wish to disable the security option — the PWA Settings page. After selecting the site, click on Project Web app settings on the top ribbon:

When you click on Settings, you’ll get a pop up box:

Select SharePoint Permission Mode to disable the security option. You’ll see the following results, in which the security options no longer show up:

If you want to enable security settings, follow the same steps and check Project Permission Mode.

Now Security options do appear:

A version of this article first appeared on Rathrolla Prem Kumar’s blog here.

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Written by Rathrola Prem Kumar

Rathrolla Prem Kumar is the author of a technical blog, an EPM Project Server Specialist, .NET/SharePoint Consultant. He has worked five years in the IT industry, specifically doing software development, and gaining expertise with SharePoint, Office 365, .NET, C# and many other technologies. He’s based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Connect with Prem on LinkedIn here.

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  1. If you are using Project Server permissions where the Security group under Server Settings appears and you switch to SharePoint permissions, you are effectively destroying any permissions configurations you were using. You are not just “hiding” the Security grouping, you are switching permission modes entirely.

  2. Sorry, but this doesn’t make any sense. Switching to “SharePoint Security” mode does NOT make any PWA safer or even easier to administer. In real life I don’t have a single(!) customer who builds his security on this, but all work with “Project Server Security” mode.
    The method described does not HIDE the security settings (why would you?) but changes the entire behavior of Project Server/Project Online.


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