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Actuals and Planned Hours Disappeared From Timecard

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    User reported to me that her actuals and planned hours for a project task disappeared from her timecard. Also now she cannot reenter time because the cells are greyed out. She reports that the schedule time that she is assigned is still in the Project.

    please note that I have noticed that she has a Finish No Earlier Than Constraint on the task. I suspect this is the reason …

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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    Can you provide a few more details?
    What version of Project (2013, 2016)?
    When you say time actuals and planned hours disappeared from the time card, are you referring to actual hours disappearing from the time-scaled cells where daily hours are entered or are you referring to the Actual Work and Work columns on the left side of the time sheet?
    Also, what type of task is it? Fixed Duration, Fixed Units, etc.

    I’m asking because our organization has been using 2013 timesheets for almost two years and we’ve seen some goofy things happening. These answers may help anyone reading this narrow down the scenario.

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    We are using Project Online and Project 2016.

    The Actuals and Plan hours are disappearing from the Project Online Timesheet time-scaled cells where you enter daily hours. The task type is a Fixed Units. The task has a Finish No Earlier Than Constraint.


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    I know basic questions…:-)
    Unfortunately for helping debug your scenario, I’m a 2013 user. So here’s questions we ask when we see timesheet issues.

    Was the timesheet Saved, Turned In?
    Was the timesheet hours approved by both levels of approvers. There’s an approval level at the timesheet which pretty much says the hours are approved (for example, yes, the resource was here for 40 hours). There’s also an approval at the project status update level where the PM approves the individual task updates.
    If you look at the Status Manager for the problem task and go into their approval queue in PWA, can you see where the timesheets where processed with no issues?
    Are the actual hours submitted with the original timesheet in the schedule and in the correct time scale data periods, but just not showing up in the timesheets? For example, maybe the task is now completed and when the timesheet is re-opened, the task doesn’t appear anymore because the task is now completed.
    Could the timesheet processing be held up in the processing queue for some reason?
    Sorry I can’t zero in on any one solution. Hope these help.

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    I have to ask those questions. It does help … giving me a place to start.

    Each resource is his/her Timesheet Manager. We are not having approvals of Time by PMs at this point but we may need to .


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