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Backing Up MPP Files via Macros (MSP2013 Stadard)

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    keith macdonald

    I have three macros within MSP2103 that generate a backup of one of the three MPP files that I update frequently.


    Running the macro OVER-WRITES the Back-up file of the of the MMP file I currently have open:
    (The macros performs Save As to over-write the backup file then a Close and then re-Opens the working MPP file.)

    macro BACKUP_DELTA >>>> S:\Projects\DELTA\DELTA_BACKUP.mpp
    macro BACKUP_DELTA >>>> S:\Projects\TETRA\TETRA_BACKUP.mpp
    macro BACKUP_QUADRA >>>> S:\Projects\QUADRA\QUADRA_BACKUP.mpp

    Is anyone aware of a technique to design these macros such that a new unique Back-up file is CREATED c/w the date of creation… as shown below ?

    macro BACKUP_DELTA >>>> S:\Projects\DELTA\DELTA_2019-08-26.mpp
    macro BACKUP_DELTA >>>> S:\Projects\TETRA\TETRA_2019-08-26.mpp
    macro BACKUP_QUADRA >>>> S:\Projects\QUADRA\QUADRA_2019-08-26.mpp

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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