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    I have, in the distant past, when learning to produce engineering drawings using AutoCAD, acquired actual building construction hardcopy drawings from the local construction association. These were very useful…learning by example from the work of others far more skilled than I on how to create quality drawings using standardized drafting methods.

    In all Internet searches I have done I have never found even one actual MS Project file in the completed state to use as a reference. This does seem a wee bit strange to me. I have found several somewhat simplistic MPP files however never any actual files used in industry.

    Any ideas on finding professionally designed MS Project MPP files (redacted where necessary) that could be used as examples of “best practices” in the design of MS Project files ?

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    Jigs Gaton
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    @Keith, I’ve long thought of putting together a public repository of completed projects (needed for things like
    this and this – and even this). I don’t know how we PMs are ever going to benefit from Big Data until we get some. But to your need, I have seen many completed projects, and even have a stash, but can’t share due to NDAs / Confidentiality agreements. .MPPs can’t be redacted, and still function.

    If anyone here is interested in starting a public repository of .MPPs, let meknow!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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