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    Has anyone ever built a dynamic schedule in MS project or PWA?
    A request came in that based on the departments selected to work on a project, a schedule could be built with their tasks. Otherwise, the tasks would be omitted.

    I’ve never seen this done, but I hate to say that I am not all knowing.


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    Larry Christofaro

    Hi Norman. So two things to summarize here. First, yes dynamic schedules are built all the time. Second, yes you can create a project schedule for selected department tasks. The problem comes in trying to create both a dynamic schedule and for only selected department tasks. Dynamic schedules require tasks with dependencies and accurate task updates. As tasks move, the remaining schedule reflects the moves. If you don’t have all the required tasks then you can’t create a dynamic schedule. Hope that helps…

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    Norman Christensen

    Yes. That is helpful. Thank you.
    So, what is the process for creating a dynamic schedule?

    They are asking for a questionnaire to appear first to select the departments and then have the schedule present the appropriate tasks. Once tasks are there, they will make the dependencies and adjust any durations that are necessary.

    Many thanks…

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    Larry Christofaro

    That’s a big question. Very basic: You start by linking all tasks with dependencies. Then as you manage actual start and finish, those changes push future tasks in/out as appropriate for their dependencies.
    Buy a book or search for webinars. MPUG probably has webinars. Eric Uyttowall’s Forecast Scheduling is a good book to reference, but there are others.
    Sorry, that’s not a question that can be answered in a forum, but hope it helps.

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    Norman Christensen

    It does help.

    Thank you for the assistance.

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