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Cannot insert projects that are stored in SharePoint 365

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    Hello all,

    I cannot insert a sub-project into master project plan where I have stored the sub-projects. The error I receive is ‘you cannot use an internet address here. Enter a path that points to a location on your computer or on the network.”

    I have mapped a SP library as a network drive and I can open a project from there, but I cannot insert a project plan from the SP.
    In all the learning resources, it clearly states when working with master plans, all the projects should be located in one folder. In my case, the SP folder contains all the projects.

    Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what is happening? I am on MS project 2010.

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    Larry Christofaro

    Kim, unfortunately you cannot have a master/sub solution using SharePoint 2010. If I have my versions correct, this feature was made available with SharePoint 2013. Using a synchronized folder is a good idea to try and I haven’t tried that myself, but it doesn’t appear to work either.

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    Hi Larry

    Thanks for your response. I am in SP 365 (2013) and MS Project 2010.


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    Larry Christofaro

    Then I would assume you can. They all need to be synched to the same SharePoint site, and not just saved in a document library. That “should” work. Good luck and let me know if you have questions.

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    I was wondering about that. I did just save the plans into the one folder.

    When you write synched – do you mean synching the plan into SP list?

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    Larry Christofaro

    Correct. I haven’t done this in years but as you synch a project to SharePoint it saves the schedule in the Site Assets or Assets library. This is the version you need to use going forward. The scheduled used when you synched will no longer be your primary source. I would appreciate letting me know how it works out and if you have any issues. Hope this helps…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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