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    Dzeke R.

    Hi, I am trying to create a custom fields that will show the % of the summary task duration to the overall summary task duration. Not quite able to relate it to the main summary task in the formula field. Any tips?

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    Larry Christofaro
    Larry Christofaro
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    Hi Dzeke. I’m not sure you can do that (at least not easily). I looked at the Stop field that contains when the completed part of the task ends, and it doesn’t work as you might expect for the summary task. There might be another option but I can’t think of it right off. Maybe someone can pipe in to the thread. Good luck.

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    Thomas Boyle

    Not sure if you are looking for a %complete or a simple ratio of durations – i.e. how much of the overall project duration is represented by each summary task.
    In case of the latter, you can try this:
    Format(IIf([Summary],[Duration]/ProjDateDiff([Project Start],[Project Finish],[Project Calendar])*100,0),”0.00″) & “%”

    Good luck, tom

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    Thomas Boyle

    That’s for a custom text field. Also make sure that the calculation for summary rows is set to “Use formula.”

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    Dzeke R.

    Hey Tom,

    Yup that is exactly what I am looking for. But I tried the formula on the custom text fields but it displays syntax error. “contains a reference to an unrecognized field or function name”. Should I add/delete anything to the formula?

    This is actually my first time using custom fields and tried troubleshooting the formula to no avail.


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    Thomas Boyle

    Hi Dzeke,
    Try deleting and re-typing the quotation marks. (Formulas recognize the non-direction marks, but pasting to and from this web page tends to convert some of them to directional marks, i.e. opening and closing.)
    Good luck, tom

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