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    Hi there,


    I am curious if MS project can give us the daily hours for each day for a suppose 3 days activity in a custom calendar.

    For example, Wall plaster 3 days activity from 08:00 Am to 05:00 pm , first day Mr. Jones is working, second day Mr. Alan and third day mr.joseph.

    What i am required is to give them them their daily activity and hours of work report.

    Is there any best way or formulae available in ms project, i dont want to enter 3 activities for one day each as i am having a big project.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Larry Christofaro

    Good question, unfortunately Project can only give you what you put in. I tend not to recommend trying to turn this into a daily scheduling tool but rather a planning tool. I’ve seen some people do details for the upcoming week, but make sure you can get the data out in the format you want. Maybe someone can give you a better trick or extension…

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    The simple answer is yes, you use a Resource Usage view to see hours per day on each task for each resource. But you’ll need to tweak the view a bit. As a starting point;
    * Set a filter to show only tasks that are not completed. This will allow project to display any task that is in progress or not yet started.
    * Sequence the tasks by Start date. If it’s not in your view you can add this column to the left side of the view. Once the column is added, click the column header and select the appropriate order (ascending or descending)
    * Adjust the Timescale in right side view to show days. I’d suggest configuring the middle to show weeks and the lower level to show days.

    With the basic view established, you can use this as a starting point and tweak the view as needed by adding columns and adjusting column widths. If you plan to print the view project basically works on a “what you see on the screen is what prints” model. Meaning, if you’re seeing too many weeks in the right side view, adjust the left/right side column widths until you get what you want to see on one page. There are also Page Setup options (much like Excel) that can be adjusted as well.

    I think this will get you to a good starting point. From there, tweak the view as needed until you get what you need.
    And don’t forget to save the view!

    Hope that helps

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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