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    In a baselined schedule, I have some tasks that are complete, but show $0 of earned value.  For one of them there is planned value of 748 and actual costs of 84,240 any ideas why?  All dates forecast start / finish, actual start / finish are in the past. Is this new math?  In most of the cases the rolled up task PV and AC are correct, but as the EV is low at task level the rollup EV is also in this case 84240 low.

    We also have some tasks that were started and then pushed out.  As plans change we are now working on some of them earlier than the re-start, when I status them, we don’t get any extra value as the restart is still in the future.

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    And what Baseline Cost values do you have?

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    Have you assigned resources to your tasks and in the Resource Sheet, assigned a rate in the Std. Rate column?

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    John Riopel

    You need to have a status date entered.  You can enter this on the Project ribbon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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