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    stephanie arbuckle

    In the earned value table, i can see PV, EV and AC that includes both our labour (work) type costs, as well as our non-labour (cost) type costs. But in the Earned Value Over Time graphical report, when I go to the cube, I can tell that AC there includes the work and cost type resrouces, but PV and EV do not!

    How can I help my client to see EV either for JUST WORK type resources, or else for the whole project, which does include about a third of the baseline cost being for cost type items . . .

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    stephanie arbuckle

    Is it ok to respond to myself here? in case anyone was interested in this, we did find that going to the Cost reports and looking for the Earned Value report in there (this is new in Project 2013), we got wonderful graphs that do match what we see in the tables. However, the Visual Report, “Earned Value over Time” is generating an odd story by factoring in parts of the non-labour costs (actual costs), but not others (eg planned cost).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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