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    Having a strange problem with an Excel file extracted from PWA /Project 2007 using Excel 2003 with XP.
    I extract the view that I want, then go to the Excel file.  Two columns are Start and Finish.  If I autofilter the date columns, the criteria “is less than” and “is greater than” don’t work normally.  In either case, all the rows are hidden.
    If I filter on a particular date (e.g., 5/27/2011) I get expected results.  If I copy and paste the two date columns to other columns, or another sheet, or another book, same problem.  If I create a list of dates in the same worksheet or book, the less than and greater than work fine.
    Is a puzzlement!  I’ve read and Googled the problem with no luck.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Has teh data been exported as text rather than as a number displayed as a date? Teh first can’t be filtered.
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    You got it. Have to convert from text to numbers, then it works.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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