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How long to configure an EPT?

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    I’m new to Project Online, the very start of a project to explore using it, and I cannot work out from reading about EPTs how long they take to create. Perhaps naively I’m thinking if you know what you want to achieve with the EPCs, Project Pages and Workflow they could be done in less than a day? I’m a SharePoint admin so I’m looking at the task and perhaps oversimplifying it.

    Thanks, Darrel

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    Hey Darrell;
    Creating the EPT by itself is a very simple process that takes about 10 minutes. The real time is involved in creating the PDP pages and the schedule template.
    PDP pages are used to allow updates to Project level fields/codes. Some codes, such as multi-line text fields can only be updated from a PDP page. So the real question is how many project level codes/fields, how do they need to be organized, and are there any fields that can only be updated by specific people, and are there any fields that are specific to only one EPT? Basically, all the design considerations that feed into how many individual PDP pages need to be created and in addition, which PDPs can be used by the new EPT.
    The default schedule template for the EPT is much the same. What needs to be in the schedule template? Are there any mandatory scheduling coding or task level codes that must be in there, and so on.
    Hope that helps

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    Thanks Daryl

    I notice it’s hard to get a project trial without involving the partner network but that you can get one (Project that is) via a Dynamics CRM trial in under 10 minutes.

    I best go explore it in person as the language is unfamiliar to me without seeing it in front of me. Presumably a schedule is the list of tasks from start date to completion and these can be done manually and that a schedule template is a predefined list of tasks. A PDP is a web part page showing metadata not contained within the schedule or possibly a mix of the two.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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