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Is there a way to update resource units more than one at a time?

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    I have a plan which contains generic resources. Each resource is available as 1 FTE in the resource sheet. The plan is generic and each resource has a standard unit assigned on the task. Each resource is needed on each task in the plan. Now resource managers are providing input for their resources and I need to update 1 resource unit across multiple tasks. Again the resource is generic e.g., IRT Planner Ph I @.30 FTE. I need to change all resource assignments to across .75 FTE across the plan tasks. Is there a way for me to update the unit FTE across all the tasks for this one resource quickly rather than one task at a time? I have checked all the resource views and I do not see any view that will allow me to do this. Please help !?

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    Larry Christofaro

    Kim, you can use the Resource Usage view and add the Assignment Units field. There you can open all assignments for a resource, change the first assignment, and then drag that down to the other assignments. Be careful as the behavior of the task will depend on how the task is configured, in particular the Task Type field. Hope that helps…

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    Daryl Deffler

    In addition to Larry’s comments above. If you are using Project Server, the Build Team window (I believe that’s what its called) where you add an enterprise resource to the project’s resource pool contains a replace function. Using this, you can have project automatically replace a generic resource such as IRT Planner with an enterprise resource name such as Joe Smith. In my example, Joe would be assigned to all tasks on which IRT Planner is assigned and the remaining work from IRT Planner would be automatically transferred to Joe.
    Not sure if you have server, but if you do, this may be an alternative.

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    Thank you both for your input! Very helpful. Unfortunately we do not have project server at this time. I do have one question though for Larry. What do you mean by the task configuration? Tasks are fixed units and some are fixed duration. Is there something specifically I should watch for ?

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    Larry Christofaro

    Sorry if the phrase task configuration was confusing. My intent was just how the task is defined/setup. Task Type and Effort Driven are the two primary fields that define how the task will behave if you make a change that affects one of the duration/effort/units triangle. For instance, if the task is fixed duration and you make a change to a resource units, then Project will change the resources work. If the task is fixed work and you make that same change, Project will change the duration. There are lots of explanations online if you want more understanding, including several MPUG articles. Hope that helps…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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